Administrative Jobs

Where admin jobs in canada are headed

Over the last few years administrative roles have shifted away from traditional clerical support (such as data entry and filing) towards more industry specialization and technical know-how. Though office staff are still expected to provide general, all-purpose support in 2019, administrative staff have adapted to digital technology, using it to further increase their productivity and ability to support their organization. Administrative and office workers who are tech savvy and experienced with various Microsoft Office applications, SAP or accounting software are set up for success in this field for the foreseeable future.

Best office jobs in 2019

In 2019, we’re seeing an increased demand for administrative support staff with technical skills and knowledge emerge. Administrative support professionals with broad expertise (such as administrative assistants and office clerks) continue to be in demand, though specialization in a specific sector such as accounting, IT or legal increases your earning potential in the administrative sector.