Direct Transfer to University of Lethbridge

As world has become the global village, the things around us are changing rapidly. Borders are now left only geographically, the barriers of border have been removed by the continuous efforts of people around the around the globe. Countries have become partners and colleguaes for the development of their own society and as one family call World. India and Canada have strong bilateral relations for trade, culture, tourism and technology. In the same direction and vision we as a pioneer educational group St. Soldier Group of Institutions have join hands with Canada’s one of the most prestigious university; University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge.    

We have signed a Memorandum of Understanding with University of Lethbridge for teaching Indian Students in St. Soldier Institute of International Studies in the same way as they teach in their university classes.  Students who will study in St. Soldier Institute of International Studies (SSIIS) will be admitted directly into the second year of their programs (Bachelor of Management and Bachelor of Science (Computer Science).  This total duration of the undergraduate course in University of Lethbridge is four years. With our agreement student who will take admission in SSIIS in any of the programs from Bachelor of Management and Bachelor of Science will study the same courses as any other student University of Lethbridge(UoL) who have taken admission in the same program at UoL. The result of this would that student who studies at SSIIS will be at par with the UoL.

Through this Direct Transfer Method, student will get assured admission into second year in UoL (after satisfying the eligibility requirement). Student need not to study the subject again for another one year at UoL; along with this student need not to undergo the process of Credit Transfer.  Following are the few benefits of Direct Transfer and studying at SSIIS:

Saving in One Year Financing

Studying at St. Soldier Institute of International Studies will have a huge advantage in financial saving. At present the average fee in Canadian University is 16000 Canadian Dollars per year and an average fee in Canadian College is 12000 Canadian Dollars. This means if you study four years at any University in Canada the cost of teaching would be C$64000 which will be INR 32,000,00. (Thirty Two Lakhs).

Now if you study One year in India with St. Soldier Institute of International Studies and three years in UoL you will save lot of finances. For more details you can contact our Career Counselor.

Counseling and Assistance Visa Documents Preparation

Studying at St. Soldier Institute of International Studies will give you an advantage of Counseling and Assistance for the preparation of the Visa File Documentation. We have experienced and highly qualified counselors who will assist you to prepare documents for the process of obtaining Canadian Education/Student Visa. So if you are studying one year in SSIIS, you will have enough time and expert guidance to prepare your case to be presented to Canadian Embassy.

IELTS Training for Complete One Year Improved IELTS Bands

As you take admission in St. Soldier Institute of International Studies, you will be receiving benefit of free IELTS coaching and training that’s what we have integrated in our syllabus. Modules have been designed in such a way that students those have difficulties in English language shall be given training from scratch. English classes will be starting at beginners’ level and will end at advanced level. 

Through expert IELTS trainers students will have chance to improve their IELTS band, which then helps to enhance the chances of getting Student Visa easily.

Study from International Experienced Faculty

To give our students the same experience as any other student studying in Canada, we have with us the members of faculty who all are having International teaching experience. They all are seniors and renowned in their own fields. Experienced and senior teachers are always an asset for the organization. Students will acquire knowledge on their domains through proven teaching methodologies.

Canadian Experience Training

St. Soldier Institute of International Studies will offer another advantage Canadian Experience Training whilst studying. Every student will be given knowledge about the Canada as a country. Students shall be exposed to the living styles of Canadian Citizens, Laws of the Land, work opportunities and many other aspects of Canadian Life Culture. The objective of this training is that when you land in Canada you shall not be the stranger to their rules, laws and their cultures. 

Personality Development and Skill Training In addition to academic courses, special attention will be given to improve the personality of a student. Special Personality Development classes have been included in the curriculum. Professional trainers from various personality skills have been hired to provide the world class Personality development and Skill Training to our students. These skills will help students to groom their personality traits for successful carrier.